Clinical Care and Case Management of Pregnant Women Living with HIV Resources for Preconception through Postpartum Care

Pregnant women living with HIV (WLH) are a vulnerable population that requires enhanced, coordinated medical and psychosocial care. This webpage brings together a range of resources about meeting the special reproductive health and healthcare needs of pregnant women living with HIV from preconception through postpartum. The resources below illustrate how perinatal services can be organized and delivered.


Organization of Services for Pregnant Women Living with HIV in a Jurisdiction

HIV Testing and Counseling of Pregnant Women

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Preconception/Interconception Care of Women Living with HIV

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Comprehensive Management of the Pregnant Woman Living with HIV

Preceptorship Modules

Perinatal Guidelines Resources
Clinician Tools for HIV + Pregnant Women

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Tools for Infant Prophylaxis and HIV Prevention
Tools for Clinical Care of Pregnant Women at Risk for HIV
International Resources

Canadian resources regarding clinical care during pregnancy and postpartum are available for reference, however, these tools may require adaptation for US treatment guidelines.

Case Management During Pregnancy and Postpartum

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Trainer Resources

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