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Ryan White Medical Case Management (MCM) Training Program

Photo of recipients in the Ryan White Part A Program 2017 HIV MCM Training with their certificates.

Ketlen Alsbrook, MPA, Project Director, Newark EMA Ryan White Part A Program and the 2017 HIV MCM Certificate of Completion Recipients

The Medical Case Management Training Program is a mandatory training program designed to equip HIV Medical Case Managers and Case Managers in the Newark Eligible Metropolitan Area (Newark EMA) to deliver the highest quality of medical case management services to people living with HIV. The program curriculum is based on the Medical Case Management Standards of Care approved by the Newark EMA Health Services Planning Council in 2015.

The City of Newark, Department of Health and Community Wellness, Ryan White Unit funds this training for Medical Case Managers and their Supervisors. All Newark EMA Medical Case Management staff are mandated to complete BASIC training, which is the groundwork for effective medical case management work.  There are two mandatory BASIC courses in the curriculum:  

  1. Medical Case Management Standards and Skills and
  2. Medical Management of HIV and Co-Infections: The Medical Case Manager’s Role.

Elective courses are also offered on various including Cultural Competence, Motivational Interviewing, Mental Health and Substance Use, MSM and Transgender Health, Harm Reduction, Quality Management, Health Literacy and Using your CLD System (CHAMP) to Facilitate Referrals and Linkage to Care.

For more information contact: 
Michelle Thompson
Program Manager
François-Xavier Bagnoud Center

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